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Conclusion and description of blood collection needle

Blood lancet

A blood sampling needle used for sampling blood in medical inspection process, composed of a needle head and a needle bar, a needle in the head part of the needle bar, the needle rod glidingly connected with a sheath, with the initial position and the reset spring is arranged in the needle sheath and the head part of the needle bar between the sheath and the needle bar. When the operator hand needle puncture needle head pressing on a limb of a patient, indentation, sheath in the elastic effect of skin needle protruding and piercing the skin caused by minimally invasive, when the blood sampling needle is extracted. Under the action of the reset spring to reset the needle cover to avoid contamination or accidental puncture needle exposed body. In the removal of needles, needle and skin cavity surrounded by gradually increasing, the formation of instantaneous negative pressure for blood sampling.

The utility model relates to a vacuum blood collector, which is composed of three parts, namely, the vacuum collecting blood vessel, the blood collecting needle (including the straight needle and the scalp blood collecting needle) and the needle holder. Vacuum blood vessel is the main component, which is mainly used for collecting and preserving blood samples. Vacuum vessel preset amount of negative pressure in the production process, when the needle was inserted into the blood vessel, due to the negative effect of blood vessels, blood vessel automatically flows; at the same time, blood preset a variety of additives, can completely meet the clinical comprehensive blood test, vacuum blood collector as clinical blood quick and accurate measurement, which is safe, convenient transport, closed, head is easy to distinguish different colors, etc., is a revolutionary innovation in the traditional way of collecting the syringe.