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Painless needle

The needles are not really painless painless, the accurate name should be micro blood taking needle pain is relative to the old way of blood, previously used with a small steel sheet and injection type ordinary needle, on pain of patients was reduced.

Indus needles especially suitable for children blood routine blood, she is like a small stamp, to children fingers quietly cover a chapter, completes the process of pricking blood, reduce the patient's pain and fear of the blood.

To the maximum extent possible to avoid the global health care workers in the collection of blood samples in the operation of the possibility of infection, such as HIV, hepatitis and other diseases.

After the needle is emitted, the needle core is locked, so that the blood sampling needle can be used only once, and the safety of users can be ensured;

The design of the push type provides the user with the most convenient operation;

The design of the push type emission can provide good blood sample collection;

Sanleng needle design high quality, super sharp, can rapidly penetrate the skin, reduce the patient's pain;

The needle type and the penetration depth of various specifications, suitable for the vast vast needs of the majority of blood collection.