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Button Activated Safety Lancet

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Button Activated Safety Lancet( Lite3)
Globally, Healthcare professionals often face the risk of accidental needle-stick injury while caring for patients. This puts them at risk to blood borne pathogens such as HBV, HCV and HIV.

In order to reduce the risks, We has developed many engineered lancets with different operation modes to satisfy various needs.
Lite3 is a button activated safety lancet, using it is a simple “one-click”operation.
Certificate: ISO13485, ISO9001, CE


Button activated design, quick and simple to use


Needle retracts automatically and locks out for extra safety, avoiding needle stick injuries, and also helping to prevent cross-contamination.


Single use, Sterile device, Sterilized by gamma irradiation

Accurate and Less Pain

Controlled needle depth for enough blood sample and provide greater patient comfort


Different needle sizes for different skin types and applications for each capillary test

Ergonomic Design

Enlarge button and optimized internal structure provide better use experience

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