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Vaccine Storage Box / Cooler Box

Detailed Information

Product Name: Vaccine Storage Box / Cooler Box
Outside Dimension: 616*404*444mm
Inside Dimension: 520*320*350mm
Volume: 53L
Weight: 8KG
Maximum Loading Capacity: 50kg
Material: PE for outside surface, PP for the tank, PU for heat preservation layer(thickness is 43mm)
Quantity of ice pack: 3pieces
Quantity of isolation plate: 4pieces
Thermometer: 1 thermometer
Package: 1pc/carton
Heat Retaining Time: Under the temperature of 34℃, 2-8℃ for more than 36hours.
Instructions: Good Designing, Good heat retaining ability, No Fading, Compression Resistance, Radioresistance, Durable, average wall thickness(50mm), with thermometer which could shows and monitors the cooler box’s real-time inside temperature.

Product pictures: